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We are the best Brooklyn plumber there is!

Nobody’s pricing is more reasonable than Franco Belli Plumbing & Heating & Sons, Inc.

All of our work is over seen by a licensed Master Fire Suppression Owners.
  • Licensed Installation of any and all Fire Suppression systems (we have both an A and B license for water and chemical installations).
  • Design, install, test, certify and maintain a new sprinkler system of any size, from a small apartment to a 30 floor office building.
  • We can install Water systems with either wet or dry valves
  • Installation of Fire Standpipe
  • Replacement of sprinkler heads as needed.
  • Thawing of freeze-ups
  • Perform monthly, annual and 5 year sprinkler tests as required by FDNY and NYC Dept of Buildings
  • Perform work and sign-off/certification with Local Law 58/09 (DOB Sprinkler Pipe Painting).
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