Being a homeowner comes with many responsibilities. Doing regular maintenance work around your place is the key to keeping a functioning household. However, many of those jobs can be easy to disregard until they cause some serious trouble. If you fancy yourself a handy person, you might also feel tempted to get a lot of it done on your own instead of hiring help.

While there are things that you can absolutely handle and get a feeling of personal achievement from, there are also those that should be left to the professionals. Cleaning drains is one of those things. To hammer this point home, we have compiled a list of 5 reasons to have your drains cleaned by the professionals.

Cleaning on your own – more harm than good?

If you understand the importance of regular drain cleaning, you are already halfway there when it comes to having a firm grasp of what regular plumbing maintenance is all about. However, it is also essential to know when trying your hand at these tasks can cause damage. Without sufficient knowledge, it is easy to make the mistake of purchasing the wrong chemical drain cleaner.

Many store-bought cleaners contain dangerous chemicals that can corrode your pipes and cause leakage and severe damage. Some of them produce heat, which can soften certain materials. Finally, most of these cleaners do not provide a lasting solution to your drain blockage issues. All they will do is push the blockage further down the pipes instead of removing it altogether. One of the benefits of professional drain cleaning is knowing that the chemicals used won’t cause any harm. Another is having peace of mind knowing that any potential blockage issues have been removed, so you can relax for the time being.

Better means of detection

One of the most effective ways to inspect plumbing is by using special video cameras. These cameras can reach deep within the pipes, making it easy to detect the cause of any potential issues. The more precisely the professionals can determine the cause of the problem, the more effective they can be when removing it. Grease buildup, stuck foreign objects, or something completely different all require different approaches when it comes to their removal.


The main reason you should regularly have your drains cleaned by the professionals is to prevent potential clogs. Being on top of it can reduce the risk of flooding. This and other plumbing problems can end up being quite expensive. Moving into a new home is one of those times when you should turn to different service providers for help, especially when it comes to home maintenance. Having your drains cleaned is one of the things that will ensure you have a functioning home to move into and can relocate without unnecessary problems. Imagine starting your life in your new place and immediately being faced with leaks and plumbing issues and damage. Sounds hellish, right?

Healthier environment

Messing around with your drains yourself doesn’t only have to cause serious plumbing issues. It can also cause many small problems that can have a detrimental impact on your household environment and quality of life. One of the issues that often occur when you do not have your drains cleaned by the professionals is the unpleasant smell coming from your pipes at inopportune times. Professional cleaning gets rid of these odors.

Secondly, any drain blockage can provide perfect conditions for the development of mold or mildew. These can cause health problems like allergies. Similarly, clogs can cause sewage to back up, making your pipes unhygienic and rife with harmful pathogens.

Finally, the occurrence of fruit flies can be another unwelcome issue related to poorly maintained plumbing. The slime in drains can provide them with perfect nesting conditions. They can hatch inside the drains and infest your home. Once they do, it can be challenging to get rid of them.

Lower water bill

Undetected leaks can not only cause expensive damage to your home, but they can also silently be increasing your water bills. Ensuring that the professionals clean your drains will mean that a certified plumber will thoroughly inspect your plumbing. If there are any issues, they will be detected and fixed on time. Advanced technology makes it much easier to detect and repair leaks nowadays, helping you save money in more ways than one.

A satisfaction guarantee

This is the most apparent reason to have your drains cleaned by the professionals. It involves all of the previously mentioned reasons too. If you want something done well and with lasting impact, do not mess around with it yourself but go to the experts. They know what they are doing – they have the tools and the expertise to get it done efficiently and in a timely manner. Not only will they solve any existing issues, but they will also be able to protect your plumbing system and make it last longer. Avoiding major plumbing disasters like leaks and damage that can come with them is another bonus.


Sometimes it might seem like a clog is something you can handle yourself. While that might frequently be true, you can never know whether you used the right drain cleaner, if it is going to damage your pipes or cause an even bigger issue. Considering the manifold negative consequences skipping out on maintenance or winging it yourself can have, your safest bet might be to leave it to the pros. Hiring professionals to clean your drains constitutes a lasting investment into your plumbing system and your home as a whole.