Gas is incredibly useful for a household. Gas stoves are faster, more efficient, cheaper, and more convenient than their traditional or electrical counterparts. Gas-based heating is, as well, superior to having to constantly add more firewood or burning through electricity to heat up your home. And it provides more control and independence than district heating. So, it comes as no surprise that, even in holdouts and remote areas, gas is gradually being introduced to homes. However, gas is, admittedly, much more dangerous than most natural resources we make everyday use of in our homes. Explosions and overexposure to leaks can both lead to deadly consequences. So, it is imperative to know when to call a plumber about the gas lines in your home! Let us take a look at some such circumstances together.

If your utility bill costs have suddenly increased

A surefire sign of when to call a plumber about the gas lines in your home is sudden changes in utility bill costs. You know the amount of gas you are using. You are well aware of how much time you spend cooking. So, if there is a sudden shift and you have absolutely no clue why the cost of your gas bill is so high, there’s probably some kind of a problem. And if you are not tracking such things, it is perhaps a good time to start! It is like how you always need to look for signs to replace your plumbing. If you let it sneak up on you, there could potentially be a lot of damage. And gas is not something that should be taken lightly!

If you can hear a hissing or whistling sound

You might be able to hear a constant or intermittent whistling or hissing sound near your gas line. Or perhaps around the connections that pipe the gas into your appliances. If the leak is very, very slight, then it might be hard or even impossible to smell a hint of a problem brewing. The sound itself can be so soft to be nearly inaudible or just easily blend into the background. Particularly if your kitchen or wherever else you are using gas is often busy. So, do not be quick to dismiss weird hissing or whistling noises if you do hear something! You might think it was just a brief trick of your mind, but it is better to check.

If you can smell gas in your home

Now, we have mentioned the smell of gas briefly. And it is absolutely one hundred percent a sign of when to call a plumber about the gas lines in your home! The smell of gas, even if you are turning on your stove, is present at most for a brief moment. On the other hand, if you can smell it persistently or at random times throughout the day, that is not normal. This goes double if you are using a gas-powered furnace! The health hazards of a malfunctioning furnace are many. Some are obvious, and some are not. But what is common for all of them is how deadly they can be.

If you are planning major renovation work

There are a few things you must do before any major renovation work. You need to learn about the things you should never keep in a storage unit, so you do not put items that don’t belong there and cause a problem. You need to carefully consider whether your family can stay in the house. And you must, absolutely must call a plumber about the pipes and gas lines in your home! If you don’t, you could cause a disaster. So, do yourself a favor and thoroughly check first!

If your appliances are not working properly

There are, admittedly, many reasons why an appliance might break down. However, there are a few ways to know if the issue is your gas line. Take the stove, for example. Typically speaking, the intensity of the flame produced while using it will always be consistent with the setting you have it on. If, on the other hand, the flame is guttering, wavering, or even more intense than it should be, then there is a problem with your gas line. This most often indicates that there is a leak or even a burst pipe somewhere.

Similarly, if your furnace is suddenly not performing as well as it should, you should have both it and your gas lines checked. Finally, it might be a good idea to do some heating maintenance in the fall since it precludes a period of very heavy use. Gas line inspection should be included in this.

If your gas line is rusted or corroded

The final and one of the most definite signs of when to call a plumber about the gas lines in your home is if you spot rusted or corroded pipes. Just think about all the problems a rusty water pipe can cause. Leaks, mold, water damage, etc. Now, imagine all of those, but replace water with fire. That’s what you would have to deal with if you are careless with the condition of your gas line! A single burst pipe would also present a much, much more severe problem – a sudden surge of gas into your home. We cannot overstate how hazardous this is for your health. You would experience a sudden burst of dizziness, a splitting headache, develop serious trouble breathing, and then pass out. Unless you notice and manage to get outside, of course. If you don’t, however, further and prolonged exposure to gas leads to death.

One final reminder

Even though you should now have a pretty good idea of when to call a plumber about the gas lines in your home, do not just relax! You might still want to do routine gas line inspections. This will help catch any developing issues and ensure that your gas is safe to use.

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