Without plumbing, day-to-day living would be unthinkable. It provides drinking water, allows for relaxing long baths, and keeps the dirt out of our homes. Commercial plumbing does the same, only on a much grander scale. It enables large businesses and industries to function and makes living and working in multi-story buildings possible. It is safe to say that plumbing is one of the bases of modern living, and that’s precisely why we decided to create this guide. To help you familiarize yourself with the topic and make good choices when the need for commercial plumbers arises.

What is commercial plumbing?

Commercial plumbing implies installing, upgrading, and maintaining advanced water supply and waste disposal systems in various commercial sectors.

The systems mentioned are far more complex than those in standard households. This is mainly due to the fact that a commercial plumbing grid has to endure intense strain. Hundreds of people can circulate through a commercial building daily. This significantly increases the amount of wear and tear, and by implication, the possibility of breaks and malfunctions.

Plumbers use a wide variety of ingenious technological solutions. These ensure that the system:

  1. a) Functions as intended;
  2. b) Meets the specific needs of business/industry that uses it;
  3. c) Is durable enough to provide consistent and lasting usage;

In other words: these facilities need an extensive plumbing network, both for basic functioning and advanced use.

The role of commercial plumbers

The work of commercial plumbers is essential for our everyday functioning. They ensure we have access to clean water and, at the same time, we don’t have wastewater trouble. At a glance, this doesn’t seem so extensive. Then again, this explanation is quite a simplistic one because the scope of work they do is colossal, and that’s putting it mildly.

Commercial plumbers are responsible for:

Keep in mind that this isn’t even a complete list. This fact makes it easy to see that plumbers are responsible for much more than just “water in-water out”.

The scope of work

Every building needs access to clean water and waste disposal, but in-office buildings and industrial complexes, this need is more pronounced. Extensive traffic and specific industry demands make an excellent plumbing grid a must. Commercial plumbing experts make this possible in:

Furthermore, their scope of work doesn’t necessarily focus only on the interior. Commercial plumbers are also in charge of outdoor facilities that need running water.

Commercial plumbers are narrowly specialized experts

Most companies dealing in commercial plumbing specialize in a specific niche. Or, should we say, a particular type of commercial building. This is due to a high diversity of requirements, methods, and equipment needed to get the job done. It is also why you will rarely find a company that deals with commercial plumbing as a whole.

For instance, there are plumbing companies that deal only with office building renovations in NYC. If you want to improve your workspace, they are the people for the job. Their knowledge, experience, and tools allow them to excel in the work they do. And this applies to every aspect, from maintenance to upgrading and replacing plumbing systems in your office building.

However, the same company will rarely, if ever, accept jobs outside of their branch. This way, the plumbing company ensures it excels at what it does. Given the complexity of commercial plumbing jobs, it’s easy to see that this isn’t only optional – it’s essential.

Expertise is a must for complex systems

There’s another reason commercial plumbers are so narrowly specialized. It concerns the demanding nature of their work. The complexity of the piping grid translates into the severity of issues that may arise. Various systems that make up the commercial plumbing grid are interconnected and interdependent. Even minor malfunctions can have a critical impact on the system as a whole. Left unattended, it can lead to catastrophic failure of the entire system. A high level of expertise is necessary to prevent plumbing disasters, which is why it is critical to hire responsible and knowledgeable plumbers to take care of the job.

The legal side of plumbing

Plumbing has to abide by strict codes and regulations. These can be different for commercial and residential plumbing. Still, commercial plumbing is subject to more scrutiny. It has to undergo more tests and rigorous inspections to ensure the system is up to standards. Your plumbing job must follow commercial codes. Otherwise, you may have to pay for the repairs and reworks, not to mention that you have to pay extremely high fines. Therefore, make sure your plumbers follow the rules and regulations prescribed by the law.

Still, it is not only the plumbing systems that have to be on par with regulations. Your commercial plumbers do, too. Before you hire plumbers, make sure they have appropriate licenses. It is the only way to be certain you’re working with a legitimate company.

Hiring professional plumbers is always the right choice

Commercial plumbing experts are an essential cog in our society’s machine. They improve the functioning of businesses, make our daily lives easier, and their work provides convenience and safety. So, if you ever need the services of professional plumbers, don’t hesitate. It is an investment that will always pay off.