Getting to redo your bathroom is a rare and enjoyable occasion! You get to make the bathroom of your dreams for you and your family. However, the process itself is ripe with issues that can occur. Therefore, you need to be very careful. In addition to hiring the best professionals available, knowing what can go wrong during the process is essential. This way, you, too, can keep an eye out. It would allow you to nip the problem in the bud before it grows into something a lot more expensive! To help you do that, we present the list of plumbing issues you may have during a bathroom remodel.


Damaged, rusted, or rotting pipes

One of the most common plumbing issues you may have during a bathroom remodel is running into damaged, rusted, or rotting pipes. Such pipes may have been working fine previously. However, when placed under pressure during a remodel, they can break or develop leaks. It is advisable to immediately replace these pipes if you happen to encounter such an issue. After all, the problems they can cause would only result in far costlier troubles, such as mold and water damage throughout your home. You should also be very careful if you are attaching new pipes to old ones since if you haven’t noticed their deterioration, damage can develop on the new connections. Keep in mind that discovering such pipes is typically a sign you should replace your plumbing throughout the house.


Low water pressure

Now, this is an interesting entry. It points to several potential other plumbing issues you may have during a bathroom remodel as well. If you run into low water pressure while your bathroom remodeling is underway, then there is a good chance that some kind of damage or problem has cropped up in your bathroom’s plumbing system. The most common ones would be damaged pipes causing a leak. Or even something like dust and debris getting accidentally into the pipes and causing a clog. That is why this problem commonly pops up on plumbing inspection checklists before moving in, as it can indirectly point to other issues with the system.


Clogged drains or pipes

As hinted before, clogged drains or pipes can commonly occur during a bathroom remodel. Several factors can cause this. First, large amounts of dust and debris can get into your plumbing system. It happens when there is work being done to enlarge your bathroom when it might be necessary to take down a wall or dig up pipes. Secondly, small objects such as screws or even tools can fall into a pipe or drain. Finally, a pipe may be dented or incorrectly aligned during the remodel, causing a buildup in the area. It is especially an issue for the pipes for wastewater. Thankfully, you can quickly solve most of the clog causes without the need for additional major work.


Potable water pollution

If there is significant work being done on your plumbing system, then one of the plumbing issues you may have during a bathroom remodel is a faulty cross-connection. Then, this can lead to the pollution of your potable water system. It is a major issue since it makes your water entirely unsafe for use in any way. In fact, you should try to move out of the house as quickly as possible. And even stay away until the problem is resolved. The good news when you have to temporarily move out of your home is that you can rely on the help of residential movers to do so efficiently. And it won’t be hard to find specialists for this job, since they are often just a few clicks on your computer away.


Fixture problems

Potential problems with fixtures are twofold. First, if you plan to keep your old fixtures, you might find that they are damaged and unusable. It happens due to the buildup of minerals or subtle and nearly unnoticeable rotting or rusting. If you continue using them, fixtures with such damage will typically work for a long time. However, if you try to remove them and then connect them again, you might find that the spots that were previously hanging on have crumbled away or gotten entirely clogged. The second issue you can encounter is a result of not knowing what to plan for ahead of time. The connections you have freshly installed might be incompatible with your old fixtures, which would render them unusable. Always make sure to check the sizes and spacing of the connections you will need.



Since leaks are some of the most common plumbing problems, it is not a surprise that they would appear on our list. Many reasons can cause them: improperly sealed pipe connections, broken or warped pipes, or even problems with the fixture connections. And there are many other scenarios, such as low or high temperatures causing the shrinking or swelling of the pipes. If a leak does develop, it is essential to spot it early so you can quickly act and prevent grievous damage to your home. Always keep an eye out for leaks when doing any remodeling that touches on the plumbing system!


Pipe mismatch

This is not one of the problems that would cause damage or general inconvenience during your daily life. However, it is one of the silliest costly mistakes you can make. Simply put, you must make sure to confirm the make of your pipes before you try to replace them. You might be planning to change the pipes in your bathroom. Yet if you buy mismatching ones, then you would not be able to use them at all. You would be stuck with useless pipes and have to buy another set. It pays to double-check your pipe specifications!


Final Word

There are indeed many plumbing issues you may have during a bathroom remodel. Thankfully, most of them are easily preventable if you know what to watch for! And even if prior preparation does not allow you to avoid them, taking early action would enable you to save a lot of money since the problem would not have time to grow.