Are you having problems with an old or unusable bathtub? It can be rather challenging to begin the repair process of your bathtub. So much so that many people instead want to invest in a completely new bathtub. There are many potential types of damage to your bathtub, and they usually determine if you should repair or replace it. But how can you be sure if you are in actual need of a new bathtub, and not just repairs? In this article, we will be discussing and trying to answer the question should you repair or replace your bathtub?

Repair or replace your bathtub?

Before we dive deeper into whether you should opt for the repair or replacement, let’s talk about the potential damage your bathtub has suffered. Since the damage and its severity greatly influences your decision, here are some of the damaging effects you need to keep your eye on:

These are just some of the issues that you can encounter. They also influence the decision whether to invest in a new bathtub or try to repair the state of the current one. As the experts at state, the best way to engage this problem is to grasp and measure the effects of repairing and replacing your bathtub.

Apartment renovation challenges

Living in New York City can be very difficult, especially when renovating your apartment. As this is not an easy task, you must be prepared for some obstacles when making NYC apartment changes. The first thing you need to worry about is the cost of the whole process. Also, be prepared to make some changes and plans in your schedule. This process requires acquiring certain permits before you even start. It can be a smart move to seek a helping hand from experts. Their experience in the matter can make it a more simple and more manageable task.

Why should you repair your bathtub?

Let’s be honest; most people do not opt-in to repair their bathtub. But that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have its merits and perks. Depending on the severity of your bathtub’s damage through its years of service, it can be a smart move to invest in its repair. Although it may come at a higher price, keeping your current bathtub can be a visual facelift and a necessity. Some new bathtub models can’t fit visually or physically into the old spot, so your only solution is to invest in repairs. One of the most common repair processes is resurfacing. This means you peel off your tub’s existing surface and replace it with a new layer. Although it’s relatively cheap and quick to do, it also has some cons.

Pros of doing a resurfacing of your bathtub

Cons of doing a resurfacing of your bathtub

Moving to New York City

Similar to renovating apartments in New York City, moving to it poses a somewhat tricky task. It can be of great help to your cause to consult the base at Best Movers NYC. You can find all you need to know about your upcoming moving process on their database. When moving to New York, most people neglect to check out the state of the bathtub; however, that can become a serious problem once you have moved in. Therefore, it’s best to take care of any bathroom issues well before the moving day. If it turns out that the bathtub is in particularly bad shape, you might need to replace it.

Why you should replace your bathtub?

One of the more popular and modern approaches when dealing with old and used bathtubs is replacing them. Most of the time size, shape, or location of an existing bathtub is why many people go for a total makeover. Another good reason to do it is to avoid unnecessary expenses and waste time on repairs. Although affording a new bathtub is costlier than repairing an old one, it surely brings many new options to the table. One is that you can get a fresh start or design out of your bathroom. It is always a good idea to consult your plumber before starting a bathroom remodel. When committing to a replacement bathtub, it often involves removing the wall tile so that you can make room for the new one. It also means that you will need to consider these pros and cons before committing to a replacement.

Pros of replacing a bathtub

Cons of replacing a bathtub

When tackling the big issue if you should repair or replace your bathtub, it is in your best interest to be mindful of your budget. Acting according to your current capabilities is always a sound strategy. Try to save money, but also consider how long you plan to stay on the property, so perhaps a full bathroom renovation is in order.

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