Undiscovered plumbing issues are a nuisance that can lead to unpleasant situations and significant stress. The EPA estimates that each household wastes around 10,000 gallons of water annually due to leaks. That is not ideal, mainly if you live in a society where money is tight, and you stand to lose a lot if you experience a financial setback. A huge puddle under your sink is an obvious indicator of something wrong with your plumbing. Still, other leaks can be harder to spot and remain hidden, aggravating a minor issue until it becomes severe. Here are the most common signs of a hidden plumbing problem.

Drain gas is permeating

Drain traps set throughout the residence act as a barrier, preventing sewer odors from entering the sink drain, while vents in the house direct any sewage odors toward the roof. If you smell something unusual, sewer gas has probably seeped into your home.

Sewer gas is one of the signs of a hidden plumbing problem that indicates an issue with either a drain trap or the vent pipe that carries the waste from the bathroom to the outside of the house. If it’s the former, then go ahead and pour some water into the dry drain trap. A professional plumber should be dispatched to your home if the issue is in the vent line. Your sewer line will be inspected for underlying problems and repaired if needed.

Missing water during the winter months

In the dead of winter, when water pressure drops or completely disappears, frozen pipes might be to blame. That is a serious issue that requires immediate attention.

A pipe that freezes and thaws can cause severe injury or even death in a home, especially if the supply lines pass through an unheated area like an attic, crawlspace, or basement. In this case, the ice acts as a dam, stopping water from leaking through cracks. If you have this issue, thoroughly review the troubleshooting procedures and prepare to deal with a leak. Even if the pipes thaw without incident this time (copper pipes may expand somewhat without bursting), you shouldn’t count on it happening again.

Quick action to fix the problem is required.

Paint with a bubbling effect for the walls and ceilings

Paint that makes bubbles or peels off walls or ceilings is frequently an indication of water damage. The most typical cause of this is a leak in the roof or the plumbing. Because of the potential damage it could cause to your belongings, Ample Moving New Jersey experts advise renting a storage unit until you fix the problem and the room is ready for use. If you see paint bubbling or blistering or brown patches appearing on a ceiling or wall, it’s time to investigate to figure out what’s going on.

A larger-than-expected water bill

Although it’s essential to keep up with water bills, receiving one that’s more than expected may be a source of stress for everyone. However, an abnormally high water bill is more than a financial burden, so don’t shrug and pay it. It might be one of the signs of a hidden plumbing problem because something is using a lot of water in your home.

To begin, you should determine whether or not your use of water warrants the hefty price tag. For example, if you had to fill up your backyard pool or water your lawn more often than usual, this could cause your bill to go up.

If not, then you should go on an adventure for something else. The constant water flows from a broken or leaking toilet is a common culprit. Water constantly runs when the toilet is flushed since the valve is always open. Two further plumbing issues include a leaking faucet and a broken water line. Any plumbing issue is a good reason to call Central Plumbing and get your rates lowered.

Corroded and discolored pipes

The appearance of yellowing on your pipes can make you assume it’s a natural consequence of their advanced years. The problem, though, might be a severe plumbing issue. Discoloration shows age, but other issues can arise with older pipes, like corrosion, degradation, leaks, and even pipe bursts. Call a plumber immediately if you see any white or green stains in your copper pipes or any red spots in your cast iron or galvanized steel pipes.

A shaky toilet

If your toilet rocks back and forth, the seal between the bowl and the flange has failed because the toilet bolts have become loose or broken. A new wax seal must be installed, which requires removing the toilet. Water may leak through the flange and the ceiling below if you have a toilet that rocks back and forth as you flush it.

Don’t wait to call a plumber and have them check out your toilet. Instead, identify a leak, and fix it before it causes serious issues.

Discovering green spots in your yard

You’ve probably seen patches of the lawn whose grass is a more vibrant shade of green than the rest. That might be a serious sign if anything is wrong with your sewage system. A greener lawn may not be worth the risk of having sinkholes and other damage done to your property by leaking sewage drains. In addition, the structural integrity of your home might be in danger if this plumbing issue persists.

In conclusion:

If you notice any typical signs of a hidden plumbing problem, you must act immediately. Your home will grow increasingly hazardous the longer you wait. A little plumbing problem has the potential to become a major emergency. It’s essential to take water damage seriously. To say nothing of the potential health risks, it might destroy everything you own. As such, keep in mind these hints that there may be a problem with your plumbing. The situation requires immediate attention, so please contact a plumber.