Local Law 152 Gas Inspections

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The New York City gas line inspection law has went into effect as of January 1st, 2020. The law states that all non R-3 occupancy buildings (small one-two family homes for example) must have their gas piping system inspected once every 5 years. This must be done by a licensed master plumber such as Franco Belli Plumbing & Heating & Sons, Inc.

The new law is a safety precaution which went into effect as a result of a number of gas explosions in New York City over the last few yearscausing several fatalities.

As per the law, Franco Belli will submit an inspection report & certification to the building owner in less than 30 days after the inspection. We will also file a certification with the Buildings Department which will state that the inspection was successfully completed. We will also submit the report to the utility company within 90 days after the inspection.

The test will involve the inspection of all exposed gas lines including meters. We will be checking for corrosion or deterioration as well as any dangerous conditions or illegal / non-compliant installations.

Any discrepancies such as a gas leak will be reported to the building owner, Buildings Department, and the utility company in which the building owner is expected to take immediate action to fix the issues.

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