Buying a new home should be one of the happiest experiences in your life, but experiencing some common plumbing problems new homeowners face could make the transition turn sour. To prevent that from happening, the best approach is to familiarize yourself with every possible issue and the optimal solution for it. Today, we will delve into some of these problems and prepare you for what’s to come.

Faucet issues

A leaking faucet is not only a problem for new homeowners but an archenemy of all people worldwide. How can anyone enjoy sitting in the living room with their family, watching a movie, listening to some music, or have a pleasant evening when you can hear that annoying dripping sound in the background? Tightening it harder will not fix the problem but probably only make bruises on your palm. If you are buying a previously owned home, this should be checked immediately, and it is definitely a reason to hire a professional plumber. Do not risk a flood in your new home if you are not savvy with plumbing!

Clogged drain

Whether it is your shower, toilet, sink, or any other water source, as soon as you notice that the water is not going away fast enough, you probably have a clogged drain. This is another one of the common plumbing problems new homeowners face. You can try fixing it yourself by pouring boiling water or baking soda. However, many things can go wrong. With that said, it is best to have a professional unclog the drain.

Water pressure issues

While low water pressure can be an annoyance, too high pressure can present a serious hazard.

This issue can easily damage your faucet or even the sink, and you will end up buying new parts. Furthermore, your utility bills will be higher, since you are spending more water.

Garbage disposal not working

Garbage disposal is not something you should try to fix on your own; too many movies taught us that. If you are buying a house around the holidays, always check if the garbage disposal works as intended. There is a lot of cooking, so it’s used more often. While you can turn it off, remove the lid, and look for the issue, an experienced plumber will do it more efficiently. Usually, the problem may be fixed by simply clearing the jam. However, sometimes the part inside gets damaged, and it needs to be replaced.

Toilet leaking

Another nuisance that bothers many new homeowners is a leaking toilet, but don’t despair;  this is another easy fix. The problem happens because of the float in the upper water tank. It does not rise enough to stop the water from flushing. While there are temporary fixes, part replacement is usually the best solution.

Major problems

These were just some of the minor plumbing issues new homeowners face, but there are some severe problems that can cause complications in the long run if not taken care of on time. We are talking not just about paying for the repair but also about potential structural damage to your home. If you just spent a substantial amount of money on buying a house, immediately check if you have these issues:

Pipe replacement

If you are looking for signs to replace the plumbing in your new home, be sure to check for corroded pipes, pipe leaks, or possible broken pipes.

The biggest issue with not immediately fixing a pipe leak is that it can damage the house’s insulation. Furthermore, it can even damage walls or jeopardize the structural integrity of the whole place.

Corroded pipes are a hidden issue you don’t see until you start having leaks. Since pipes are hidden, you need a professional to check them and make sure there is no corrosion.

Broken pipes can be a common problem in houses that have trees in the backyard. It can happen on many occasions that a tree root breaks the pipe if they get in contact.

Main valve replacement

The main valve affects the entire water flow in your household. It can often get jammed, and it requires professional assistance to be repaired. When repairing or remodeling a home, you often need permits, which is why calling a professional plumber is the best approach if you want to go through the process without problems or extra fees. You might try to fix something on your own without realizing you are not allowed to do that.

Sewer and gas line issues

These two common plumbing problems new homeowners face belong to the category of the most dangerous issues you can encounter. A clogged sewer line can destroy your entire property and cause significant health issues, not just for you but for your neighbors as well.

When it comes to issues with the gas line, never try to repair this by yourself. This is a dangerous process, and it requires a trained professional who knows what needs to be done. If you encounter this issue in your home and smell gas, it is also imperative to call 911 or the utility company.

Common plumbing problems new homeowners face – delivered

Use this list of the most common plumbing problems new homeowners face as a guideline when looking for a place to buy. You can always hire a professional plumber to check the pipes and all possible issues before committing to a purchase. This way, you will know if the house is worth investing in or not. Even if you already bought the place and have any of these problems, a professional is always a better solution than experimenting by yourself.