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The importance of plumbing in your home cannot be overstated. Yet most people only begin to care about their plumbing once it malfunctions. But this is definitely not the way to go – you’ll want to maintain and take care of your plumbing year-round if you are to avert any potential disasters. That being said, there are several widespread myths about the plumbing systems. We have created a list of some of them.

Using citrus fruits and lemons is good for the smell

This may be true in general – but if you find that your plumbing emits a bad smell, you will definitely want to steer clear of using citrus fruits and lemons. The reason for this is that they contain acids and these acids, over time, may damage and destroy your plumbing. The damage can be very big and you may need to revamp your entire plumbing after a while.

Low-water pressure is fine

Nothing can be further from the truth. The truth is that if you find that there is low water pressure – it may be the result of a water leak. If you don’t take care of this leak promptly, then all hell may break loose soon enough. If you find that your water bills are getting higher despite your lack of water use or if you see water spots on the walls or if you hear water running when nobody is running in your home – then it’s definitely time to call a professional to handle this for you.

Using soap is good to clean the pipes

This, again, is not true. As is the case with citrus fruits and lemons, so is the case with soap. If you use soap for cleaning your pipes, then it may damage and corrode them over time. You’ll want to use special metal-cleaning solutions that you can easily find in most stores that sell plumbing equipment and solutions.

It’s easy to fix your plumbing problems on your own

There are different plumbing problems, this much is true. Some of them are indeed easy to fix. But many of them aren’t. You will be just losing time and risking further damage to your plumbing system if you try to fix these issues on your own. We suggest that you hire a professional in every case to do the repairs.

In conclusion

By busting some of the biggest myths about plumbing, you will be able to feel safer in the maintenance of your household’s plumbing system no matter who you are.

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